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These FAQ’s are taken directly from Odessa Municipal Code 10.32, titled Golf Cart Zone. A copy of the ordinance is available at Town hall. Ordinance # 661


Q: How does the Municipal Code define a golf cart?
RCW 46.04.1945 and OMC 10.32.020 define a “golf cart” as a gas-powered or electric-powered four-wheeled vehicle originally designed and manufactured for operation on a golf course for sporting purposes, which has speed attainable, in one mile, of not more than twenty miles per hour (MPH).

Q: Am I allowed to drive a golf cart on Town streets in Odessa?
Golf carts are allowed on Town streets under OMC 10.32. They are restricted to those that are electric or gas powered. They must be able to maintain a speed of not more than 19 MPH on level ground, and are not modified to allow the cart to exceed 20 (MPH).

Q: Where is the golf cart Zone?
All streets with in the corporate limits of the Town, with speed limits less than 25 MPH, are designated as a Golf Cart Zone. This includes SR 21. Due to the speed limit of SR 28, gold carts are not allowed to drive on SR 28 except to cross when it is safe to do so, and only at an intersection.

Q: Who can operate a golf cart in the Golf Cart Zone?
If you are 16 years of age or older, have completed a drivers’ education course or have previous driving experience as a licensed driver, you may operate a golf cart in the Golf Cart Zone. You must have proof of identification in the form of a valid driver’s license or government issued identification card, in your possession, which shall be presented to a duly authorized law enforcement officer upon request.

Q: Can I drive my golf cart if my driver’s license is revoked?
A person who has a revoked driver license under RCW 46.20.285, may not operate a golf cart in a golf cart zone.

Q: Do I need any special equipment installed on my Golf cart?
To operate your golf cart at any time in the Golf Cart Zone, a total of eight three-inch reflectors shall be mounted on the golf cart. Four amber reflectors shall be placed on the front and the forward right and left sides of the cart. Four red reflectors which shall be placed on the rear and the rear right and left sides of the golf cart.

The golf cart must be equipped with seatbelts anchored to the frame for the driver and for each passenger.

A golf cart must have two rearview mirrors capable for reflecting for a distance of at least two hundred feet to the rear of the cart. The mirrors shall be mounted with one on the left-hand side of the cart, and one in the middle of the cart or on the right-hand side of the cart.

Q: When can I drive my Golf cart in the Golf Cart Zone?
Unless a golf cart is equipped with headlamps, tail lamps and turn signals which meet the minimum requirements established in RCW 46.37, golf carts may only be operated from 30 minutes before sunrise until 30 minutes after sunset.

Q: Is there anything else I should know before I drive my golf cart in the Town Golf Cart Zone?
A driver of a golf cart must have proof of insurance providing golf cart liability insurance coverage or the equivalent insurance coverage. A driver of a golf cart must follow all rules of the road applicable to motor vehicles set forth in RCW 46.61, WAC 308-330, and OMC 10.32. A driver of a golf cart shall not transport more passengers than the manufacturer’s designed capacity.

Each passenger shall be seated at all times during the operation of the golf cart and shall use a seat belt. No items shall be placed or attached to the top of the golf cart. All items shall be carried inside the cart and secured in a manner that prevents the item from falling out of the golf cart with the cart is moving.

Golf carts shall be operated with the flow of traffic. Golf carts shall not be operated in a designated bicycle lane. You may not operate a golf cart on a sidewalk.
I hope everyone has a fun and safe summer. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. The Police Department is open Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm. If one of us is not at the office, call 1-509-982-0141, and one of us will get back to you.

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